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The Blind Side(2009)「Chapter Two」


The Blind Side Chapter Two


The Blind Side(しあわせの隠れ場所) 動画音声のヒアリング 02日目


The Blind Side ”into a church school”


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They said you were the coach.

Burt Cotton.

Tony Hamilton, but everybody just calls me big Tony.

Hey, Big Mike. Check it out.

Not even locked. White people are crazy.

I promised my ma Boo, on her deathbed... that I'd get my son Steven out of a public school and into a church school.

I appreciate that, Tony.

But I'm not involved with admissions.

I just figured maybe I'd come to talk to you,seeing as though you might need some players.

What kind of sport is he playing?

Anything with a ball.

Boy's good, too.

Classes start in a week.

It would have to be for the next semester.

I know, what you're thinking, Coach.

But, look here, I got money, all right?

See I'm a mechanic at Wilson's Auto the other side of town.

Look, what if somebody drops out or moves?

Could they get in then? 'They?' You only mentioned one son.

That's right, Steven. But there's another boy.

Another boy?

Yeah. Big Mike.

Sleeps on my couch from time to time.

It's a bad deal.

You know, his mama's on that crack pipe.

He ain't got nobody else.

He just wanted to come along for the ride.

They're here? Yeah.

The little one, that's Steven...and the big one... Big Mike.



Come on.

Mother of God.

Subtitle ch.2 from The Blind Side


The Blind Side

Steven Hamilton's paperwork looks acceptable to me.

And I believe he'll do fine. But this other kid... Big Mike.

Michael Oher gives us no reason to believe that, based on his record, that he would be successful here. How bad could it be?

We're not exactly sure how old he is, due to his lack of records.

He has a measured IQ of 80. Which is 6th percentile.

His grade point average begins with zero. Zero-point-six.

Everyone passed him along.

They gave him D's so they could hand their problem off to the next school. He's a brave kid.

For wanting to come here. For wanting a quality education.

An education denied him by the poor quality of the schools he's attended.

I tell you most kids with his background... wouldn't come within two hundred miles... of this place.

Coach Cotton, we understand your interest in this young man's athletic abilities.

Now, he wouldn't be able to play sports until he got his grades up anyway.

Forget sports. Look at the wall. Christian.

We either take that seriously or we paint over it.

You don't admit Michael Oher because of sports.

You admit him because it's the right thing to do.

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