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「Chapter 04 Keeper of the Keys」

ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石のDVDにもとづいてチャプターごとにを分割して単語学習しリスニングを鍛えます。 ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石のDVDは、34のchapterに分割されています。(35番目は End Credits)
今回は、その04回目のChapter 04です。

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ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 Chapter 04

Make a wish, Harry.
We're a bit behind schedule. Best be off. Unless you'd rather stay, of course.


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Chapter 04 Keeper of the Keys

Harry: Make a wish, Harry.
Vernon: Who's there?
Hagrid: Sorry 'bout that.
Vernon: I demand that you leave at once. You are breaking and entering.
Hagrid: Dry up Dursley you great prune. Well, I haven't seen you since you was a baby Harry. But you're a bit more along then I would have expected; particularly around the middle.
Dud: I'm not... I'm not Harry.
Harry: I am.
Hagrid: Well of course you are! Got something for you. Afraid I might have sat on it at some point but I imagine it'll taste fine just the same. Baked it myself, words and all.
Harry: Thank you!
Hagrid: It's not everyday your young man turns 11 now it is?
Harry: Excuse me, but who are you?
Hagrid: Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts. Of course you know all about Hogwarts
Harry: Sorry, no.
Hagrid: No? Blimey Harry didn't you ever wonder didn't you ever wonder how your mum and dad learned it all?
Harry: Learned what?
Hagrid: You're a wizard Harry.
Harry: I'm a what?
Hagrid: A wizard. And a thumpin' good one I'd wager once you've trained up a bit.
Harry: No, you've made a mistake. I mean I can't be a wizard... I mean I'm Harry, Just Harry.
Hagrid: Well, "Just Harry" did you ever make anything happen? Anything you couldn't explain, when you were angry or scared? Um Hum.
Harry: Dear Mr. Potter, we are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Vernon: He will not be going! We swore when we took him in that we would put a stop to all of this rubbish!
Harry: You knew? We knew all along and you never told me?
Petunia: Of course we knew. How could you not be?
My perfect being who she was. Oh I remember the day she got her letter.
My parents were so proud. We have a witch in the family. Isn't it wonderful?
I was the only one who saw her for what she was… a freak.
And then she met that Potter, and then she had you and I knew you would be the same just as strange just as abnormal.
And then, if you please, she got herself blown up, and we got landed with you.
Harry: Blown up?! You told me my parents died in a car crash!
Hagrid: A car crash? A car crash killed Lily and James Potter?
Petunia: We had to say something!
Hagrid: It's an outrage. It's a scandal.
Vernon: He will not be going.
Hagrid: Oh and I suppose a great Muggle like yourself is gonna stop him.
Harry: Muggle?
Hagrid: Non- magic folk. This boy's had his name down since he were born. He's going to the finest school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world. And he'll be under the finest headmaster that Hogwarts has ever seen, Albus Dumbledore…
Vernon: I will not pay to have some crack pot old fool teach him magic tricks!
Hagrid: Never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me… I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone at Hogwarts about that. Strictly speaking I'm not supposed to do magic.
Harry: OK
Hagrid: We're a bit behind schedule. Best be off. Unless you'd rather stay, of course.

Keeper of the Keys 内容解説

Dry up, Dursley, you great prune.
黙れ、ダーズリー、大バカもの!dry upには話を止めるという意味がある。
Of course we knew. How could you not be?

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