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「Chapter 12 Sorting Hats」

ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石のDVDにもとづいてチャプターごとにを分割して単語学習しリスニングを鍛えます。 ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石のDVDは、34のchapterに分割されています。(35番目は End Credits)
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ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 Chapter 12

It's not real the ceiling. It's just bewitched to look like the night outside.
(これは本物の天井じゃないの。夜空に見えるように魔法をかけられてるのよ。) から
Well if you're sure, better be… Gryffindor!

Sorting Hatによる組分けの場面。
Sorting Hatは、頭の中を覗いて、どのhouseが向いているのか決める。
Harryは、Sorting Hatが悩むほど、Slytherinにも向いているようだ。 しかしHarryは、
Please, Please anything but Slytherin.

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Chapter 12 Sorting Hats

Hermione: It's not real the ceiling. It's just bewitched to look like the night outside. I read about it in Hogwarts, A History.
McGonagall: Will you wait along here please. Now before we begin, Professor Dumbledore would like to say a few words.
Dumbledore: I have a few start-of-term notices I wish to announce.
The first years please note, that the Dark Forest is strictly forbidden to all students.
Also, our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has asked me to remind you that the third floor corridor on the right hand side is out of bounds to all who do not wish to die a most painful death.
Thank you.
McGonagall: When I call your name you will come forth, I shall place the Sorting Hat on your head, and you will be sorted into your houses. Hermione Granger!
Hermione: Oh, no. OK relax.
Ron: Mental that one, I'm telling you.
Sorting Hat: Ah, right then. Hum… Right. Okay, Gryffindor!
McGonagall: Draco Malfoy!
Sorting Hat: Slytherin!
Ron: There's no witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in Slytherin.
McGonagall: Susan Bones!
Harry: Ow!
Ron: Harry what is it?
Harry: Nothing. Nothing, I'm fine
Sorting Hat: …where shall I put you? Let's see... I know! Hufflepuff!
McGonagall: Ronald Weasley!
Sorting Hat: Ha! Another Weasley! I know just what to do with you… Gryffindor!
McGonagall: Harry potter
Sorting Hat: Hmmm… Difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind either. There's talent, oh yes, and a thirst to prove yourself. But where to put you…
Harry: Not Slytherin, not Slytherin!
Sorting Hat:"Not Slytherin eh? Are you sure?
You could be great you know. It's all here in your head.
And Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, there's no doubt about that. No?
(Harry whispering: Please, Please anything but Slytherin, anything but Slytherin.)
Well if you're sure, better be… Gryffindor!"

Sorting Hats 内容解説

Mental that one, I'm telling you.
頭おかしいよあいつ、言ったとおりでしょ。 I'm telling you は、その直前・直後に言ったことを強調する時によく使う言い方で、「ほんとうなんだよ」 「よく聞いてね」「ね、そうでしょ」「言っておくけど」「言ったじゃないですか」「はっきり言って」
Ha! Another Weasley! I know just what to do with you… Gryffindor!
やっ!別のWeasleyじゃな!お前にすべきことはわかっておる、Gryffindor! know what to doで何をするかわかっている